Vancouver University of British Columbia

Vancouver University of British Columbia

Type:Groups and Individuals

Ages: 12 - 17 years old

Turn 1: 24 Jun - 08 Jul
Turn 2: 01 Jul - 15 Jul
Turn 3: 15 Jul - 29 Jul
Turn 4: 29 Jul - 12 Aug



Location: 2329 West Mall Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4

Time to centre of Vancouver:25 mins by public transport.

Nearest town: Vancouver.

Transfer times:YVR - 30 mins.


Sports:Grass field, tennis courts and basketball court within residence. Access to university softball diamond, ice rink and indoor swimming complex The International Living & Learning Centre (ILC) features a community kitchenette on each floor, a common lounge with cable TV, and laundry facilities. There is also a cafeteria and lounge space on the main floor of the building.

Social spaces:Lounges in the accommodation with television, sofas and a basic kitchen. The commons block offers wi-fi, dining, fitness and music rooms as well as group and private study spaces.



  ▖Mixture of single and twin rooms available
  ▖Shared single-gender washrooms


▖Host Family accommodation
▖Twin Rooms as a standard option; Single Rooms per request


This Program provide students aged 12-17 with English language immersion on campus at the University of British Columbia. A wide range of social, cultural and recreational activities are scheduled after morning classes and on weekends   


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