Summer homestay Augsburg

british maglie augsburg

Type: Groups

Ages: 14 – 17 years old

June – July – August

Location: Host families Augsburg

Distance from school: 25 – 45 minutes


  • Various


Arrival: Sunday during the day – Departure: Saturday mornings – Room type: double room – Bath: shared – Board: full board – Cleaning: weekly

augsburg activities

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You will feel right at home and enjoy an authentic German experience during your language course in Berlin by staying with a host family. Staying with a family gives you the opportunity to get to know the culture from the locals’ perspective and to practice your new German language skills and knowledge outside of class.
In Augsburg there is a lot to see. Monday through Friday afternoons the leisure program offers a combination of city exploration tours, museum visits, sports and entertainment. On Saturday, we will travel to another large city and spend the whole day underway.

Sample Programme

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